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World Class Solutions

Our business solutions are unique and can be incorporated into almost any type of business.

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No matter how well your business runs, there is always room for improvement, and We are the experts for this.

Unprecedented Growth

Under our cover, you will notice a positive growth in a short amount of time. A trial will convince you.


The Rich Prince is a Company founded by CEO Sidney Akpaso.

Our Mission is to provide top notch services that enable clients achieve their goals and results expertly and timely.

Our Team of Intellectual Professionals and Highly Experienced Developers, Designers, Trainers, Traders and Social Managers utilize their Technical Expertise to help build Websites, Graphics, Android Apps, Train you, Manage your Social Media Accounts effectively and Convert your Bitcoins to Naira.


We are Global

No matter where your business is located, we are able to offer you excellent service. Our teams are always in high alert so your potential problems can be solved. Our employees are constantly educated so they are up to date with current trends.

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Happy Clients

Our customers come first and customer's satisfaction is our priority.


Successful Projects

We ensure that your project is completed successfully.

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