We buy Bitcoins daily: Exchange your Bitcoins for Naira (₦) and receive credit alert within few seconds.

Easy steps to Exchange Bitcoins for Naira (₦).

  • 1 Click the button named "Exchange Bitcoin for Naira" on this page.
  • 2 Fill the form & Type "BTC to Naira" in the Question Box.
  • 3 Tell us the quantity of Bitcoins you wish to sell.
  • 4 We tell you our current buying rate (Negotiation is allowed)
  • 5 After reaching an agreement, Follow the next step.
  • 6 Send your Bitcoins to Our Wallet Address in Step 7.
  • 7 1LqwvwAzoWJqGeQki4LyyrjUVH41jLaZxY
  • 8 Drop the hash ID and Screenshot of the Transaction.
  • 9 Drop your Bank Account Details to recieve your cash.
  • 10 Repeat the same process next time.

Note: Our Bitcoin Wallet Address  1LqwvwAzoWJqGeQki4LyyrjUVH41jLaZxY

Do not send Bitcoins to any other wallet address.