Think about how much money you will save by outsourcing the management of your website. We focus on managing your website while you run your business.

Our Web Maintenance Package includes:

Loading Speed Boost

Combination of settings to make your website load faster.

Uptime Monitoring

We monitor to ensure your website is always online.

Comments Check

All comments will be reviewed.


Keep a regular backup of your website.

Images Optimization

Every image will be adapted to web based format.

Plugin Review

Ensure each plugin performs perfectly.

Broken Links Checker

All links must work to improve SEO.

Spam & Malware Filters

Constant fight against malicious codes and bots.

Full Updates

We ensure that you have the latest version of each tools.

Security Shield

Constant security checks to ensure a clean website.

Database Optimization

Enable tweaks to optimize database.

+ Cache

Improve website performance with cache.

Website Monitoring

We ensure that your web visitors interact with your website as expected.

Web Analytics

Analysis of your website visitors.


Report is presented in PDF format via your E-mail.

Server/Domain Transfer

Migration from one hosting company to another.

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Why Companies should invest in Website Maintenance Services?

Some companies choose to invest in website maintenance services while others ignore it. However, your website has a hugh impact on your business growth if you offer services that can be offered or promoted online. This is why website maintenance service is important to every company.

Here are a few reasons to use Website Maintenance Service:

User Experience: With regular maintenance, you will ensure your website offer the best user experience. it further encourages improvement to the interface which is common for aging websites. For example, if your website sells things online then improvements to the user interface and experience can increase more sales.

Security: The importance of security on your website cannot be over emphasized as intruders who gain access to your website can cause a lot of damage within a short time. Intruders can steal customer's data or begin to share offensive material to your website. When you have an active website maintenance service then you are protecting your customers and company as well as decreasing the risk of cyber attack which results in more damage.

Functionality: Every website is expected to function properly. For example, if your navigation bar link is broken, it disrupts the usability of your website. Website downtime can also be avoided when you have a website maintenance service active which has a lot of impact on user's experience.

Why choose us?

With a client retention rate of 85%, The Rich Prince is the best choice for clients in need of website maintenance. Our years of experience, effective strategies and unwavering commitment to our clients has made us different from other website maintenance companies in this industry.

Here are reasons why companies choose us:

Online Support

We have a 24/7 Online Client Support System via mail ([email protected]) and via the online chat on the website. Once your request is submitted, it is added to one of our developer's to-do-list. You will also receive updates promptly.

Our Team

We have a team of committed full time developers devoted to website maintenance. With our coding skills, our team ensures your website is updated and functions optimally.

Mode of Operation

We understand that different websites have different needs as well as different budgets. We will ensure you a receive a quote that matches your budget and meet your needs.

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